Special Events Information:
Notice from the Deacons:
As we begin to hold worship services
in the sanctuary once again,
we must accept the fact that this is
not business as usual. 
But It is only temporary. 
One day, we will be back in worship in our normal way. 
However, we must accept the fact that,
that one day,
may be months away. 

 While it is great to be back in God’s House,
the safety and health of God’s people
is of utmost importance. 
And we must not ignore that,
by rushing back to worship as
usual earlier than we can do safely
and in a healthy manner.


So based on that,
here are a few requests we need to abide by
as we transition back into the church. 
This list is extensive. 
And we ask for your complete cooperation.


*  We request that as you enter the building,
you come directly to the sanctuary
and take your seats.    


*  The rows of seats have been arranged so
that they are a minimum of six feet apart. 
Please sit in family units. 
If you sit in a row with other people,
not in your family unit,
please leave a minimum of three empty seats
between you and the other person.


*  If at any time you are within 6 feet of someone
that is not a part of your family unit,
please wear a face covering.


*  As you have noticed, there are no bulletins. 
Under certain conditions,
viruses can exist on dry surfaces
for as long as six hours. 
We do not want anyone to be infected with anything,
from handling a bulletin that was touched
by someone else.


*  Also for social distancing with non-family members,
there will not be Sunday School classes,
JAM time, nursery,
and just as important to some of you,
no coffee pot.


*  We will not be passing collection plates at the service. 
Plates have been placed on a table directly outside
of the main sanctuary doors. 
We ask you to please leave your tithes and offerings
in the plates while entering or exiting the sanctuary. 
And one side note…
thank you so much to everyone for continuing to send
your tithes and offerings to the church
while we were forced to be away. 
Your commitment to this church and
God has been outstanding.


*Please send your prayer requests to
Cynthia in the church office,
and we will continue to
email a weekly prayer list to the church family. 
We ask that you use these prayer lists daily,
and pray specifically for the people
who need your prayers.


*  When the service is concluded,
we will exit the sanctuary by rows. 
We will dismiss the back row first,
and then move forward until everyone has exited. 
We also ask that you do not
linger in the foyer area. 
Any conversation and fellowship
should be done outside
of the building, and then,
it should only be done with proper distancing. 


* The front restrooms are open for you to use,
but social distancing needs to be maintained.


*  And finally, I am sure there are several other needs
for precautions that we have not even thought about. 
In these cases, we ask that you do what is safe.


No this is not business as usual. 
But God is in our presence. 
And even under these unusual
and trying circumstances,
let us praise and worship the God
who is in control of everything.